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As a franchise, it is important to carefully maintain the public’s image of your business and to effectively communicate your brand’s message. Franchise Digital Interactive (FDI) knows what it takes to break through the noise and have your franchise heard. We can help you generate awareness of your products or services through Public Relations (PR).

Attracting influential journalists and bloggers is key to getting your brand recognized. We use an authentic approach to public relations in conjunction with our SEO services to generate buzz, build visibility, and establish credibility.

Let us tell your story.

Learn more about our PR services from our PR division, 4M Communication.

Digital PR Services:

  • Brand storytelling
  • Editorial calendar research
  • Press releases & feature article writing
  • Product placement/reviews & fundraising/discount announcements
  • Targeted outreach to online media, as well as niche bloggers, journalists and reporters

This process helps us to create a pitch that will give the press a story about your franchise to relay to their publics.

Start building brand awareness and reaching new customers with Franchise Digital Interactive’s public relations services.

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