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Social media is the most popular activity on the internet.

There are more than 1 Billion active Facebook users. YouTube reaches more adults in the United States than any cable network. Twitter’s fastest growing user demographic is the 55-64 year age range.

With FDI handling your Social Media, you won’t have to spend countless hours monitoring your profiles for updates. We’ll create the posts, share your graphics, and engage with your audience, ensuring your profiles run smoothly.

This is where your customers are hanging out.
Join in the conversation.

Connect with Your Audience.

Your customers are immersed in social media on a daily basis. You know you should be communicating with them, but as a franchise owner, you don’t have the time. One day you’re writing up estimates, the next you’re handling invoices or you’re out on a job site. Let Franchise Digital Interactive engage with your customers on your behalf.

We use social media to support our franchise clients across North America. With a focused social media strategy, we add a human element to your national brand, which adds credibility to your franchise location and creates loyal customers.

Our Social Media Packages can include:


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